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Are you among those asking “why do I need a website?” Do you want a full detailed response to the question? In my 4+ years experience as website designer, I have met many who ask me the questions, why do I need a website. While some of them use the question as a defiant way to tell me that they don’t need a website. I have realized that many of them are truly curious in asking that question. I will provide you with a very detailed and objective answers. But this is for those who sincerely ask the question.

From a professional to a small business owner or a big corporation, there are huge benefits for everyone to have a website. You are probably here, reading this article because you are a little confused whether to get a website or not. Hopefully, this article will provide you enough enlightenment that will help you make a smart decision on this.

Before I go ahead and give you detailed reasons why you need a website. Here is my answer to the question “why do I need a website. In today’s digital age, Everyone needs a website, except you don’t want to build a trusted global brand. People have developed a habit of going online to research a company or brand before hiring them or purchasing their items. But beyond just been just a sales tool, a website provides other benefits which i will share with you in just a short while. By the end of the this article, it will be clear that to take your career or business to the highest level you can imagine, you need at least a website of your own.

9 Important Reasons why you need a website

Gives you credibility

With the rise of digital trends, an increasing number of people are turning to the internet to find what they want. Potential customers will go to your competitors who do, If you don’t have a website. Especially if you are a home-based business without a bricks-and-mortar address. A business website not only provides information about your company or brand. A website actually lends credibility to your company or brand. Having a business website communicates, “I’m here, I’m serious about my business, and I’m in it for the long haul.”

24/7 Access to your business

Customers in today’s digital age cherish businesses or professionals that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sure, you can’t be there all day and night answering your customers’ questions. Neither can your brick and mortar office do this efficiently. In this case, a business website can be beneficial. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing your clients to effortlessly access your services and products from anywhere at anytime they so pleases. This gives the opportunity to increase your revenues massively.

Better customer relationship management

Having a website makes it easier to create effective communication with your customer and keep then updated on the latest happenings. With the use of basic forms located on strategic areas of your website, you can collect emails or other contacts of you customers. These contacts are very powerful means of communicating to your customers. whether it is about a new product launch or about a promo, it becomes easier to reach them. Also, customers themselves can get in touch with you easily. The contact forms serves this purpose.

Makes it easy to showcase your work

whether you are a painter, Lecturer or a lawyer, your website makes it easy to showcase what you do. Not just to your local audience, but globally. This makes it easier for them to assess your level of expertise before they transact with you. In addition, it makes it clear to your target audience your true area of expertise. You can not only use gorgeous pictures or images to represent your job. It is also possible to create short videos and lessons to show what your firm has to offer and what sets it apart from the competition. So, with a website, your potential customers have have real proof of your expertise.

Helps you reach a wider audience

A website makes it possible for people from all part of the world to access your company. This is true as long as the person has access to an internet connection. As you may already know, more than half of the world’s population have access to the internet. This means that your website opens up your business to over 4 billion potential customers worldwide. Imagine, if you can, how many people you have the opportunity to reach with your website. So many if you use the right tools and strategies.

Cost effective marketing

With your own website, you have the advantage of promoting your business or expertise at a very cost effective rate. The cost of marketing using a website is the cheapest of all marketing strategy, only after Facebook advertising. In addition to being cheaper than other advertising strategies, it is also more effective. Having your own website allows you to carefully target your audience and to achieve higher engagement. It’s no wonder why website adverts achieve higher conversion. And most importantly, you keep contacts of those who you captured through your website marketing effort, so you can easily reach them without further cost.

Helps you automate your business process

If you are still asking the question at this point, Why do I need a website? Here is another very powerful reason. I might even be tempted to say that this is by far the most crucial benefit of having a website. Having your own website allows you to automate most of your business processes. From selling and collecting payment, to marketing, customer relationship and more. All these time consuming processes can be automated on your website. with a proper set up, you can go on vacation and only to return and find so much money made for you by your website. It might not be easy for you to understand if you don’t have a website. let me give you a clear hint how it works. You see, most professional website have tools set in strategic places on the site to collect visitors contacts or leads. When these contacts are collected, a good number of emails have been pre-set to send to these contacts. From the welcome email, to tens of other emails that shows them what they offer. Through the email series, many of these potential customers are now convinced to buy. It’s also possible to set up your website to sell to them without your involvement. This is so powerful.

Easy opportunity to earn extra income

Let’s say that you are a teacher in one local school here in Nigeria. The economic situation is biting really hard in Nigeria, so you are now thinking how to grow your income. If you are a teacher, your option is to start a private tutor program for one or two persons. This is workable but wait a minute, when do you close from you regular teaching job, 4/5pm. So when will you start the private tutor class, probably 6pm to close by 7pm or 8pm as I have seen some of them do. You will be surely stressed like hell doing this 3-5 times every other week.

More worrying is the fact that the increase in your income from this won’t be so significant. With your own website, you will just have to create video and text instructions on your favourite subject. You will offer this as a paid online tutorials, which can attract thousands of students over time. Just imagine what your income will look like at that points, probably 10X or more of your regular job pay. This applies to other fields or business. It’s is also possible to earn from sponsored posting, Google adsense program etc.

Makes business growth and Expansion easier and cheaper

As a business owner, sometimes you know it’s time to increase your revenue. With your offline business, the option is to open up new branches. We all know the stress and cost involved. it can take months or more putting together all that’s required. The cost is definitely huge especially with the current inflation. You need an office space, new office equipment, staff and legal fees. With your website the story is different. You just have to increase you promotional effort and your revenue begins to climb.


Do you still have this question in your mind, I am sure you don’t. There you have it, the most important reasons why you and in fact, everyone needs a website. The benefits are life changing and transformational. So what are you waiting for, you need to get your own website today. You can do it by yourself or you can hire us to create a professional, fully responsive money making website for you.

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