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Proven Ideas of How To Achieve Massive Success In 2021

A step-by-step guide to help you develop your Success Game-plan for 2021 and beyond

Happy New Year to you! I am indeed very glad that we have finally left 2020 and all its troubles behind, and 2021 is finally here. I strongly believe that you are truly committed to creating an amazing year for yourself and your loved ones, by achieving massive success in the year 2021. I feel very delighted to share with you some proven ideas I discovered from my study, that is used by some of the world’s top achievers like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins et.c. to ensure that they can always stay enthusiastic and committed to their goal until they can achieve them. By the way, 2020 was a particularly good year for Elon Musk, the revolutionary auto maker was able to raise the market capitalization of his automobile company, Tesla, from about 70 billion dollars in December of 2019 to the current value of about 668 billion dollars. It is also revealed by Bloomberg that the world’s to top 500 hundred richest people increased their wealth by 1.8 trillion dollars using these ideas I am about to share with you. So I really hope that you will adopt these ideas to help you create your own game plan that will help you achieve massive success in 2021 and beyond.

I strongly would recommend that you take a look at your life in 2020 as thoroughly as you can, if you haven’t done that before, to see what worked and be grateful for all that you were able to accomplish and what didn’t work that needs to be changed or improved. As a life-long student of personal development and also as a success coach, I have realized that the ability to thoroughly review past events in order to absorb the lessons from them, is an important key to success. It should be done not just at the end of the year, but everyday if you can. As a rule of thumb, I advise my clients to review on a weekly basis by Sunday evening before they make the plan for the new week ahead, this helps them as a guide to make the same mistake of the past, and enable them to achieve massive success in the future.

For many though, the year 2020 was such a tough year filled with difficult situations and challenges, which left many people feeling frustrated that they weren’t able to achieve a lot. But the truth remains that as Zig Ziglar will always say

success will only happen when opportunity meets preparation

So if you want to achieve massive success in the year 2021, you prepare for it. The best way to prepare for success is to have your own success game-plan, and these proven step-by-step ideas I am about to share with you will help you achieve that. I will suggest you don’t treat this guide like just another article that you only read for the sake of it, but to put every point in it into action and re-visit it as often as possible until you have gained full mastery of every step. Doing this will definitely help you to develop an effective success game plan and empower you to achieve massive success in the year 2021 and beyond.

Without further ado, let me share with you these key steps the super achievers of our world use in developing their success game plan and they include

1. Develop a Positive believe About yourself

one of the major similarity between the super successful in our world and every other person, is that apart from we all being human, we also all have a wish or desire for better lives. but the key difference is that while the average person allow negativity and doubt to stop him from even attempting to achieve that better life they desire, the super successful have a very strong positive believe about themselves. They are self confident, they believe in the possibility of their success and feel positive about life generally. Researches have shown that without a positive mindset, success will be very difficult.

I know right now you feel like you have tried to psyche yourself to become more positive and to believe in yourself, but it didn’t work. I can truly understand that. you see there are two levels of belief, the conscious belief and the subconscious belief. While the conscious believe is made up of our conscious thoughts and knowledge, things we are just aware of, the subconscious belief is made up of belief that were accepted as the fundamental truth about ourselves. it might also interest you to know that our conscious beliefs control only about 4-5% of our feelings and habits, while the subconscious beliefs controls the rest 94-95% of our life. Thus, it is logical to say that for any belief to become effective and affect your life positively, that belief must move from a conscious belief to the subconscious belief. How can this be done? Repeat those conscious beliefs very often and they would soon become subconscious beliefs.

Positive beliefs are formed by reading self-help books, hanging out with people that encourage and support you, through the positive things you say to yourself during self talk. You can also use positive affirmations or through rational emotive behaviour therapy REBT.

2. set clear goals of the things you want to achieve in 2021

I know we all have some wish we hope becomes a reality. Problem is, most time they don’t. To actually achieve massive success in 2021, you have to go through the process of setting goals. My mentor Brian Tracy has this to say about goal setting

goal setting is the master skill of success, with it every thing is possible, without it nothing great is possible

The importance of setting goals is not for the hype of it, it is because when we take time to set goals properly, it helps us identify the time it will take you to achieve the goals you desire. it also helps you to identify what skills and other resources you need to achieve those goals. it helps you to arrange your goals according to your priority and sequence and also, it helps you identify the process required to make it happen. All these are the reasons why highly successful people value goal setting so much, and you should too.

You need to set at least one key goal in all major areas of your life which include your financial life, your family life, your personal development and your social life. Your spiritual life, your your career or work, your health, fitness and recreation and your community contribution are other very important areas of your life where your need to set at least one goal if you want to enjoy massive success in 2021.

3. Develop Strong Compelling Reasons why each goal matters

Without strong enough compelling reasons for why your goals matter to you and how your life will be positively transformed by achieving them, odds are that you will not be motivated to take action on them. And when you even attempt to take any actions at all, having the drive and passion to keep you committed and dedicated till you get them achieved becomes another problem.

What I teach my clients to do is to set aside a plain sheet or two for each major goal they have set in all key areas of their life. Write down the goal, write down the milestone they need to meet at different intervals to ensure that they are on the right track of reaching the goals at the estimated time. They are also suppose to write down all the key processes and small tasks required to achieve the goals and then, devote time to listing all the different ways their life will become better if they achieve that goal. The good life it will afford them and their loved ones, the self esteem, the pleasure and excitement, every other thing they can remember. This have been shown to be a very effective way to get the much needed motivation and zeal that is necessary to achieve massive success

4. Create an Action plan and Organize your activities on a weekly basis

Now that you have clear list of the minor tasks that have to carry out on a regular basis in other to achieve your goals, you need to create an action plan. You can’t begin to act on them without order. You need to pick out steps that you can take immediately to create the momentum for achieving the goals. It is always advised in creating action plan for one to ensure that you are providing time for at least one activity from each of the goals you set with the week.

Though, there is need to ensure that priority is given to those areas that if we achieved success in them, will make it easy to pursue and achieve success in other areas. For those starting out in their pursuit of success, finance, personal development, health, spirituality, family and career should be the major priority areas. As one begins to enjoy more success in these areas, more time should be availed for social and recreation as well as community contribution. The Achievers’ Journal, our one year planner with weekly activity design is our most trusted tools to help you schedule your activity properly and keep track of your progress

5. Share Your Goals with the right people

Sharing your goals with the right people has many benefit and they include, getting better insight on how to achieve them, getting support from others, and providing you with accountability partners who will always encourage you to get things done on time. The issue is, how the you find the right people? The best known strategy is to always bring up your goals in discussions between you and your family members and friends, and to closely observe some ambitious goal getters in your community who have achieved one or two things similar to the ones you want to achieve, so that you can get closer to them and learn how they did it. Those who qualify as the “right people” with whom it will be beneficial to share your goals must be

  1. friends and family members who have always shown support to your success and ambitions in life.
  2. Successful people within your community who are ever willing to support others to succeed in their endeavour
  3. Professional coaches or trainers who has it as a mission to help others succeed in life
  4. Members of online/offline professional groups

These are the four best known categories of individuals with whom you can share your goals and get the desired result, but option 3&4 produces the most guaranteed result, so make sure you have at least one or two individual from those two categories. Be sure that not everyone will see your goals as possible, especially if they are audacious, so don’t get disappointed.

6. Take massive action everyday

Just as the popular Irish Proverb goes,

You can never plough a field by turning it over in your mind

your plans will never materialize without taking actions, not just few actions, but massive actions. You must make a commitment to yourself to plan ahead everyday of the action that are relevant to achieving your goals that you must take to make that goal a reality. This said, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with worry if you can’t get yourself to take so much actions in a daily basis yet. Your goals should stretch you not stress you. And you should know that becoming an action oriented individual is like growing a muscle, it only grows with a consistent repeated practice over time. You should be patient with yourself as you develop yourself into an action oriented individual capable taking whatever action necessary to achieve your goals.

Here are some proven tips to help you develop yourself into an action oriented person so that you can achieve massive success in 2021

  1. Write down the list of what you want to achieve each day on a plan piece of paper and carry it with you all day
  2. Use your phone calendar to set reminder for each activity at least 30 minutes before the actual time
  3. schedule activity according to your task zone. e.g. some people prefer tasks that require logical thinking in the morning and those that requires high physical energy mid day or evening. ensure you schedule according to what suits you.
  4. as a beginner in the action muscle development game, ensure that the time scheduled for each task is not more than 60-90 minutes for each task block, this ensures that you don’t loose the enthusiasm before you complete the task. This causes the activity to become stressful, which makes you not to want to do it next time.
  5. Review you list of activities at the end of the day to see those you were able to accomplish and those you couldn’t. The key thing here is to feel good and positive about yourself for the much you able to accomplish, but don’t begin to feel that you will fail in attaining your goals because you didn’t carry out that task. Even the very elite high achievers don’t always accomplish the tasks they set for themselves. All you have to do is to look closely to identify what hindrance kept you from carrying out that task, and finding ways to avoid such pitfall in the future.

If you consistently do this on a daily basis, your action taking muscle will soon 2X, 5X or even 10X with 12-36 months time.

7. Adjust your action steps when they don’t work as expected

Hold onto your goals as firmly as possible, but be willing to tweak your strategies as easily as is necessary. This is what the game of success is truly all about. the famous Thomas Edison was said to have conducted over 999 failed experiment in his attempt to invent the light bulb, and I know that each of that 999 experiment had different approach. Even in modern time, Elon Musk’s SpaceX have had many rocket crashes, but he didn’t stop. Tesla experienced many unprofitable years, but he continued. For that, SpaceX is today flourishing very well and Tesla is valued more than all the other major automobile companies put together, thus making Elon Musk the richest man in the world. The lesson here is, don’t feel that your goal is impossible because the action plans you thought were going to help you achieve them didn’t produce the desired result. It did happen to all the highly successful people you know out there, but they succeeded because they help firmly to their goals and kept improving their action steps and strategies until they found the breakthrough.

Adjusting or improving your action steps requires you to be very positive, as you take a more closely observe your goal to become clearer on the processes involved and to identify what you are not doing right. You also need to get more knowledge of the subject matter involved through reading useful books, researching the internet, asking those who have achieved those things you, creating a mastermind group, consulting with a coach and sometime relying on you intuition and imagination. If you keep your focus on your goals and try all these strategies when your initial action plans don’t work, you will definitely achieve massive success in 2021.

8. Celebrate every little success along the way to your ultimate goal

This is certainly the last tip but a very valuable one, it’s the very process that allows you to refuel your motivation to take further actions towards your goals. You need to celebrate any task and every task you complete that takes you closer to your goals, big or small. With each take you complete, feel as if the ultimate goal have been actually achieved. This helps you train your brain to enjoy taking actions on the remaining tasks that will ensure that goal is achieved. It is a proven fact that if you can get your imagination to picture exactly what it looks like to have achieved the goal and feel the joy, the excitement and the sense of accomplishment, your brain will create new neural connections specifically for achieving that goal and boost your ability to brain storm very efficient strategies of how to reach the goal and to easily take the action necessary for the achievement of the goal.


I really want you to succeed in 2021, not the minor success you stumble upon one in a while, but a consistent wave of massive success, intentionally created by who you have actually become by improving your abilities in all the aspects of your life. It is really possible, but no one can make it happen in your life except you. What you have to do is to constantly absorb the process given in this guide until the become your second nature, only then can you make it happen. If you have any question or need any clarification you can contact us, we are always here to help you achieve your goals. You can also read other articles on our blog that can help you achieve your goals. 2021 is your year for breakthrough and massive success and I can’t wait to guide you to achieving all your goals this year.

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