Make Your dreams a reality

The proven step-by-step formula for making your every dream come true


It was a very sunny and lovely Monday morning, mid-December in the year 2018. I got up early, took my bath, got ready for work and quickly left home. I knew what was waiting for me at the office, it was terror and a great rage but I cared less because I was already determined to take responsibility for my deeds, or rather misdeeds.

I had the dream to build an internet based business which will serve lots of people in the area of personal and business development. I wanted to contribute my own quota in improving the expertise of small scale business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria by providing them easy access to the training, coaching, mentoring and the digital services they need to build, manage and grow a profitable and sustainable business for themselves. The company’s main objective is to equip these individuals with the right mind-set, the adequate skills and the support that will enable them create globally competitive businesses.

At-least for me, it will be my own little way of contributing to job creation and the economic development of Nigeria. A lofty dream you would say. Well that fine, we are all told to dream big and so I did, but that was what landed me in the hot soup I found myself that morning. In order to achieve that big dream of mine, I resigned my position as the marketing manager of a fast growing product distribution business I was working for, because it wasn’t availing me enough time to develop myself and get ready for the big task ahead, at least so thought. After my resignation, I rented an office space and the journey to my dream land started. I little anticipated that there will be any problem in the pursuit of my dream, let alone to expect the big calamity that eventually came my way.

I started with the daily savings scheme, which quickly grew due to my relationship with lots of the business men and women in Suleja during the time I worked as a marketing manager. By June of 2018, I contacted a website design company in Lagos, at least so they claimed. I paid them to design a website for me and that was the beginning of my trouble. The money I was spending to build the website was actually from the savings of my clients which definitely will be withdrawn come December of that year. But I strongly had faith that given the good relationship I enjoy with the business people around the area, the business will quickly earn back the money I spent, once it is launched. But this time, my faith couldn’t save me.

The company I contracted for the design of the website wasted my time till October of 2018 without delivering what I requested of them. I had to pay another company for the website and by November 2018, it was ready. That meant I couldn’t get any client before my creditors came asking for their money, so there was not enough money to pay them all. I tried getting investors for my new internet business who would buy some stakes and provide me money to pay my creditors, but that didn’t work too, so there was no way to get more money to fulfil the pilling withdrawal request of my client and they kept calling for their money, of course they should.

Immediately I got to the office that morning and sat down, they started trooping-in in their numbers to tender their withdrawal request. As I tried to explain to them what had happened and how I wanted them to be patient with me while I sorted things out, they flared up and one of them took a bottle and smashed it to the ground and attacked me, I was lucky not to be hurt. The only way to calm things down that I could think of, was to request that we go to the police station where I will have to document how much I owed them and how I can possibly pay them.

At the police station, the drama continued as more clients brought in their withdrawal request, that I expected. The process took so much time but at the end I was allowed to go find a way to pay off the debt. Then the reality dawned on me, my business was gone and I was over two million naira in debt. It was actually the lowest point of my life for as much as I could remember. While I was leaving the police station, I was pondering in my mind, “can I ever come out of this mess”

Fast forward to June 2020, while the world was still locked down due to the corona virus pandemic, my company was still acquiring clients who we offer digital marketing services and website design services to. My dream of owning an internet based organization is now a reality and I am now helping small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs start and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey by providing them with training, coaching and support services. But how did it happen? I know you will ask. The truth is that I didn’t win a jackpot nor did I even go back to paid employment, so what exactly helped me to get my dream back on track and to make it a reality is what I am going to share with you today.

One of the first thing I did was to make a strong decision that I will not give up on that dream. I deeply believed within me that it was possible to make it a reality, despite the obstacle I have faced. But I also accepted the fact that I don’t know how to go about it so I would ask for help, which I quickly did, and the help came not in the form of cash bailout but in the form of support and guidance. I actually searched online for proven personal and business development coaches that could actually mentor me, and I found Brian Tracy, jack canfield, Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Darren Hardy and some others to be particularly helpful in this regard.

Quickly, I signed up for their coaching and mentoring programs. As months went by and I continued to develop my capacity through their resources, guidance and support, I discovered that there is a proven step-by-step path through which if any dream goes through, that dream must definitely become a reality. With almost a 100% certainty, almost! I tried achieving a couple of my wishes with this proven steps, like rebuilding my collapsed business, becoming a celebrated public speaker, improving my leadership skills and improving my communication and personal relationship skills, and they all worked like magic. I was really amazed.

In order to be sure of the efficacy of this system, I tried it with some close friends and then, a few other people and they all experienced the miracle of this proven formula. So this proven formula did not just work for me I helping me rebuild my personal and business development company, it has helped a lot other people to start living their dreams and enjoy the fulfilment that comes with it. This is why I thought to myself that I must share this formula with anyone who cares to make their dream come true, so that it could even help a lot more people achieve their dream life. I know that right now you will be asking key questions like,  are the steps easy for anyone to follow? Can it work for any dream? What if I don’t have a dream? (smiles). All these questions and more will be answered if you read all through to the end.

The starting point of all Achievements

We all have dreams, though some will probably argue it to be a lie which is the reason why I smiled earlier. I remember a conversation I had with a young man who now runs a fast growing phone repair business who is one of those this formula helped.  when he told me how he is stuck in life and don’t know what next to do during the strategy session I held with him, then I told him that there is a proven formula that will help him turn any dream he has big or small into reality so that his life can get back on track, he looked at me with frustration written all over his face and said “but I don’t have a dream” then I laughed and replied him “it could be true since that is what you believe” then he retorted immediately “it is the truth, not just what I believe. I know myself” I looked at him intently and said “sure, that is the truth until you answer this few questions”. So I asked him the following questions

Have you ever wished that you had something a car, a house, more money and other things like that, then he said “yes”. Then I asked again, have you ever wished that you can become something, maybe a profession or attain a position? And this time he smiled and said “of course yes”. And I said to him “then you have a dream” he gave a loud laugh, shook his head in disagreement and said “that is just wishful thinking not a dream” now drawing closer to him with my gaze completely focused on him, I said to him, “that is where they all start from, all the great achievements we see today started as wishful thoughts in someone’s mind some years ago”. My friends is not alone on this, most people think wishful thoughts are just wishful thoughts and have no significance or meaning, and they dismiss all the wishful thoughts that ever comes to their mind and end up having nothing significant or meaningful to become the drive that actually push them to achieve something great or recommendable in life.

The amazon, the Microsoft, the google, the world best players and the great movies we see today, where once wishful thoughts that once upon a time, flashed in the mind of an individual sitting down or doing other things in one corner of the world someday. Wishful thinking has been recognized as our minds way of showing us what is possible in our life, and it is in our power as individual to decide if and which of this wishful thoughts we choose to make our reality in the nearest future. Your own wishful thoughts can actually remain a meaningless wishful thoughts and fade away over time until you can’t actually find a trace of it, but if you are interested in making any of those wishful thoughts to have more significant that it becomes the driving force that propels your life to greatness, then you have to do this, “breed life into your wishful thoughts”

How to Breed life into Your wishful thoughts

When a fertile sperm joins with a fertile ovum, a foetus is formed, life has started. But at this stage, it is still very fragile and can be easily lost, so there is need for extra care and attention to help them grow into a more stable and robust form of life, by interested parents who are willing to experience the joy of a new born individual in their lives. This is the case of your wishful thoughts, though they are the starting form of all the great achievements we see around us, they are still very fragile at this point and are known to disappear faster than they even flashed in our mind.  But, do they really disappear? We actually throw them away, this we do the moment we doubt the possibility of their actualization.

Like I mentioned earlier, wishful thinking is a way of bringing to our consciousness what is possible in our life, and as a humble servant, once you dismiss those thought in your mind because you think it is not possible, you are not good enough, you don’t have what it takes and so on, your mind obeys immediately and throw such thoughts away. Sometimes so far away that you may never get to find them again. To actually transform your wishful thought into something more meaningful that you can have a chance of actualizing it, you have to mix it with certain emotions like faith and love. You need to have faith in the possibility of that dream becoming a reality. You need to strongly believe that you deserve all the good things that comes with that thought. You need to start loving the outcome of better life it will bring for you. When we mix those thoughts with these particular emotions, those thoughts become planted strongly in our subconscious mind as a desire, so our mind will begin to search for opportunities and ways of making them a reality.

Now, they are no longer wishful thoughts, they are now strong desires that comes uppermost in our mind time after time seeking ways to be fully manifested. At this point you now have 15-20% chance of making that your dream cone true, not good enough chance you think, you can increase your chances if you stick along with me.

Take-up the mantle to Make it a reality

Now that your wishful thoughts have turned into desires, that regularly comes uppermost on your mind and inspires in you the yearning and the hope that it soon becomes a reality. The two things you can possibly do at this time is to hope passively that somehow, someone somewhere I don’t know and you don’t even know will make those desires a reality. In this case you don’t believe that it is you that should do the work for the realization of those desires. On the other hand, you can decide to take full responsibility of making that dream come true, and be willing to do anything legitimately to actualize that dream, my mentor Jim Rohn calls it “taking full control”

Most average people are known to choose the former option, but if you want to join those in the top class of the society who always actualize their desires, you have have to take up the mantle to make that desire happen. Make it your responsibility to take all the necessary action to make that dream a reality and hold yourself accountable for the outcomes. Once you do this, your desires have become an ambition, and you now have the willingness and the drive to reach for it. Good job, you now have 35-40% chance of making that dream a reality, but can actually do more. Don’t know what next to do, don’t worry, I will be your guide.

Set the direction for your pursuit

For most people, once they have an ambition, with that eagerness to make happen, they set-off directly into taking actions towards the actualization of that dream. It is not a bad thing anyway, but experience have shown that it is easy to get overwhelmed with the challenges that will come your way as you work towards the actualization of that dream, unless you actually set a clear direction for the pursuit, what my mentor Jim Rohn calls “setting the sail”.

Setting a clear direction for the actualization of whatever dream you have involves the use of what my friend and teacher, Stephen covey calls the endowments of the human mind in his international best selling book (the seven habits of highly effective people), and there are four of them which include your self-awareness, your imagination, your conscience and your independent will. The process involves first, using your imagination to create a clear mental picture of what it will take to achieve that dream, how you life will become when you achieve that dream, what is the true cost for the actualization of that dream. It also requires you to use your self-awareness to to establish in your mind, why you really want to achieve that dream, if the price for achieving that dream would not be too costly for you in the long run and whether the actualization of that dream will truly bring you the happiness and joy that you desire.

In a nutshell, setting the direction for the pursuit of your dreams involves creating a clear vision, the first mental creation accepted by almost all the great thinkers as the first major process for creating anything, and also, it involves finding a strong deep purpose for the pursuit of the dream. My mentor Simon Sinek calls this “finding your why”. This process of setting your direction is particularly important when we consider the fact that when you can’t see you destination, or have a strong enough reason for why you want to get there, it becomes almost impossible to get there. And also, there have been many cases of people who have given their all to the pursuit of a particular dream, only to actualize it and come to realize that it wasn’t what all the time and resources invested in it.

So, now that you have a clear vision and a strong purpose for that dream, you not only can see the destination and how to get there, but you also know deeply within you, why you want to pursue the dream and the positive benefits it will actually bring to your life when it becomes a reality. This serves to keep you going in the right direction no matter how tough the journey may get. You now have 55-60% chance of achieving your dream, you have moved above the average person, this puts you among the top 20% of entire human population. Congratulations for taking your dream this far, but you can still do better, you still have some things to do to make it certain that this dream will come through. I know you are now thinking what else should I do, I will reveal it to you.

Structure your steps

You now have a very clear vision for your dream, and a deep sense of purpose of why you are taking all the actions necessary for the actualization of your dream, this very much gives you the drive to take actions towards the dream. But, in order to make the journey less challenging and less complex, your need to structure the steps you will take by breaking down the whole process into very simple and easy to execute activities or tasks using the techniques of goal setting.

Napoleon Hill captures this more precisely when he said that “goals are dreams with deadline”. Using the techniques of goal setting to turn your dream into goals helps simplify the process of reaching that dream by breaking down the process into easy to execute tasks, provide timeline when each task, set priority on which task gets executed before the others, and this is rightly done in written form. Doing this makes it more joyful to execute the tasks at the given time and lets you know which task has been accomplished, and which tasks still need to be done for your dream to become a reality.

Brian Tracy will always state that only about 3% of the world’s population have a written goal, and many great thinkers accept that to be true, so you are indeed in a very special company of these high achieving 3% who have dutifully transformed their wishful thoughts into written goals and you now have 75-80% chance of making that your dream come true. Wow, i am so happy for you now, you are such wonderful and committed fellow and you will surely go far in life. But let’s face it, if you want to join the league of those world beaters, the Cristiano Ronaldos, the Elon Musks, the Richard Bransons, the Darren Hardys, Jack Canfields and the Eze Kelechis as well as other great achievers of this world who almost certainly turns every of their wishful thoughts to reality, then you must go beyond just having a dream, you must “walk the path”. How? You will surely ask. I will tell you, so let’s ride.

Walking the path

Taking your wishful thought through all the steps mentioned above till now they are written down as goals, makes it almost certain that it will come true, but as they say, almost always never counts. You are never there until you are there. It is easy to keep promising yourself that you will soon carry out those easy, time bound tasks that you have written down, but you may never start if you don’t have the discipline. It is also possible to start but fizzle out along the way because of lack of persistence when you don’t get the outcome you desire immediately. You could also get distracted and never achieve that your dream, if you don’t have the focus. And if any of this happens, all the resources and effort invested in transforming that your wishful thoughts into reality will go to waste.

To make sure that such doesn’t happen,  you must develop a positive mind-set, which serves refuel you with enthusiasm and keep the fire alive until you can actually take the dream to its complete fulfilment. A positive mindset involves positive attitudes, high emotional intelligence, a positive self worth and self talk, as well as the better understanding and proper alignment to the fundamental laws and principles of life. Once you have this, you are not only able to remain calm and creative in the face of the various challenges you might face as you strive to achieve your dream, but it will give you the capacity to become more rational in your decision making, and a better self image even when others try to put you down in your bid to make your dreams come true.

With a positive mind-set, it is certain that you are not only better equipped to carry out those goals you have set for yourself at the appropriate time, but you now have what it takes to remain focused, consistent and resourceful until your every dream becomes a reality. You are now finally in the top 2% of the world population, those who have the ability to transform any wishful thought of their into grand achievements and enjoy exactly the kind of life they desire. You have 95-98% chance of making any dream a reality. You definitely can’t beat that.


I really want to say a Very Big congratulations to you for sticking with me and reading through every step of this proven formula for making your every dream a reality. This is certainly a sign that you are made for greatness and you already have the desire to make that greatness manifest as soon as possible, indeed you will soon be celebrated. You are indeed very awesome.

The discovery and eventual mastery of this life changing dream building formula which I now choose to call the success system, is the major difference between the me that struggled and lost my business in 2018 and the me that is now leaving my dream now. It was a wow moment for me and for all those I have use it to help make their dreams become a reality. This is not one of those general information article that you typically consume just to keep the data in your head for reference purposes, this is a proven step-by-step guide, meant to help you achieve your dream by following through with the process contained in it.

Turning your wishful thoughts into reality can not happen in a day, neither will reading this article once be enough to enable you fully understand how to carry out each of the steps required to make it happen. So in your best interest, I will advice you read this piece over and over again until you full understand and completely internalize into your subconscious mind, only then will you be able to condense and fully crystalize all your wishful thoughts into clearly written smart goals and to develop the positive mind-set needed to make it a reality.

If you need any help with the process, don’t forget to contact us. You can sign up for our free strategy session and we will help you get a head start in the pursuit of your dreams. We are the most client focused personal and business development company in Africa, and we are known for providing world-class, result-based digital solutions to our clients.

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